New Year

I know a lot of people make resolutions at New Year's, but I usually don't. I come up with goals for myself all year long, and there's no giant change occurring between December 31st of one year and January 1st of the next, so why make a list now? However, this year I decided there are enough changes I would like to make at this moment that I really should list them. These are not all serious enough that I am "resolving" to accomplish them all, but like the To Do lists I frequently make, this list is intended as a reminder and will be subject to reevaluation throughout the year.

To Do 2009
Every day I want to...
  • smile
  • tell each member of my immediate family "I love you"
  • write something, anything (not just here)
  • take a picture (for my new Project365)
  • thank God
  • read a little bit (or more than a little :)

Every week I want to...
  • do something fun with Hannah
  • spend some time alone with Aaron
  • post something for Poetry Friday
  • post something on this blog
  • work on a creative project (books, sewing, something!)
  • go to the gym

Sometime this year I want to...
  • go somewhere pretty & have a picnic
  • actually put photos in Sam's baby book
  • have enough handmade books to start an Etsy shop

This year I don't want to...
  • argue with Hannah as much
  • get irritated over little things
  • stress about things beyond my control

This doesn't actually seem like a lot now that I see it all together. Anyway, wish me luck!

See my Project365 photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/librariangelist/