48HBC Fail Again

Oh well, I got 18 hours of reading and almost two books in, but since I'm on vacation & depending on hotel wi-fi, I missed the deadline for the finish line post.  I'll just try harder next year!  Maybe I'll not be on vacation next year.


Reading Challenge Update 2

In addition to the 9 hours from June 3rd, I have read the following times

Saturday, June 4
12:30AM - 1:30AM (1 hour)
8:30AM - 9:30AM (1 hour)
12:30PM - 4:00PM (3.5 hours)
8:00PM - 8:30PM (.5 hours)
11:30PM - 12:00AM (.5 hours)
Total time read June 4 = 6.5 hours

Sunday, June 5
12:00AM - 2:30AM (2.5 hours)

Grand Total time read so far = 18 hours

Unfortunately, most of today's reading was done while in the car or while other things were going on around me, so I had to re-read pages quite often, as I was distracted by my surroundings, or more often my husband :), so I am still reading Matched by Allie Condie.


Reading Challenge Progress, Haiku Review!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gang member, perfect pom queen,
chemistry partners,
risk all to be together

Reading time so far in MotherReader's 48-Hour Reading Challenge:

Friday June 13
9:00AM - 1:00PM (4 Hours)
1:30PM - 1:45PM (15 Mins)
3:15PM - 3:30PM (15 Mins)
4:45PM - 7:45PM (3 Hours)
10:45PM - 12:15AM (1.5 Hours)
Total time so far = 9 Hours

Now back to reading...


Reading Challenge is Now!

Throughout the challenge, I will update my progress here and through my Goodreads profile. I read a chapter before this post, so my official starting time is 9:00AM EST.