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We had our first after-school book club meeting in the library this afternoon. I would consider it a success, since there were at least 7 kids still in the library when I closed up at 4:00. Instead of a small group all reading the same book, it looks like we'll mosty be a large group talking about a bunch of different books. I'd like to include not just books, but also magazines, websites, music, movies. The kids want to start each meeting with a broad group discussion topic and then break into smaller groups for futher discussion, creating fan fiction/art, visiting websites, etc. We're also going to have occasional special events, including screenings of movies on our library's big projection screen. So far all the kids seem really cool and very enthusiastic/energetic. We're going to start meeting regularly next Monday. They want to meet every week. The only problem with that is that all our regularly scheduled monthly faculty meetings are on Mondays. I didn't think of this until I was leaving to pick up Sam from the babysitter. I seem to have a mental block against faculty meetings. I almost always forget about them. Anyway, I guess we could shift the meeting to Tuesdays on faculty meeting days, as long as I can remember to tell the kids in advance. More on this later...

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