I finally begin my reading/blogging challenge

Well, I did get to finish Brave Story this morning, but didn't really get to start reading for MotherReader's challenge until about 3PM due to Hannah getting up at 7:30 this morning & being SO EXCITED about her Girl Scout trip to Chattanooga today (she left at 11:30 AM, her first trip without a parent, sniff, she's getting so big), but I did eventually get in 3 hours of reading, during which I read 112 pages of the 4th installment of The Sisters Grimm series (Once Upon a Crime) by Michael Buckley. If you haven't heard of the series, the basic premise is this -After the disappearance of their parents, 11-yr-old Sabrina and 7-yr-old Daphne Grimm are shuttled through a series of terrible foster homes before finally being rescued by their Granny Relda (whom had been presumed dead) and taken to live in Ferryport Landing, which they come to find out is peopled with fairy-tale characters, known as Everafters. The girls discover that they are descended from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, whose collections of "fairy tales" were actually accounts of real events. The Grimm family has been keeping watch over the inhabitants of Ferryport Landing, which is surrounded by a magical barrier that the original Grimms created to keep the Everafters from leaving the town - a protective measure that has garnered the family no small amount of resentment from many in the Everafter community. Anyway, the girls become entangled in the family business of solving crimes occurring in Ferryport Landing, while also trying to untangle the mystery surrounding their parents' disappearance. In this 4th book, the girls, along with their Granny, Mr. Canis (her butler of sorts, aka The Big Bad Wolf) and Mr. Hamstead (one of the 3 Little Pigs) travel back to the girls' hometown of NYC to find the Faerie kingdom in hopes of getting some magical medical assistance for Puck, who was seriously injured in the last book - I won't spoil it by telling you how. I will tell you that they find what is left of Faerie, but also discover that their mother, Veronica was living a secret life and they must investigate her connections to Faerie in order to find a murderer. If you like fairy tales and/or mysteries/detective stories, you might want to give this series a try.

Now, I have to take a break to go watch a local production of Aida with my parents & co., but when I get back - more reading/blogging.

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