I know most every parent probably thinks their baby is the cutest/smartest baby ever, and I guess I am no exception to this rule. In light of this, I will share with you 2 videos.
In this first video, Sam had fallen asleep with his eyes partially open while nursing and I caught him on video waking up. I've also discovered that I have become one of those parents who perpetually puts words in the mouth of their not-yet-speaking baby. Feel free to comment on what you think he might say if miraculously gifted with speech.

In the second video, I finally caught Sam rolling over. This was his 3rd rollover - the first was on the examining table at his 2 month checkup, right before his shots! Unfortunately the doc had turned her back when he did it, but she said he's not really supposed to be rolling over until 4 months. Super Sam!

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