Nerd Pride!

I must admit. I am a nerd. I always knew growing up that many others did not share my enthusiasm for neatly completed homework, books of miscellany, and plastic canvas needlework. Even in my "rebellious" teen years, I was known (if noticed at all) for being very quiet, having a tendency to put more than minimal effort into English essays and enjoying geometry proofs. I have accepted my nerdiness. Hannah, however looks upon nerds with all the disdain a rising fourth-grader can muster - which is quite a bit, believe me. The other day, she was preparing some "micro ravioli" - which seem pointless to me, as the "ravioli" are so tiny that there can't be more than 2 or 3 specks of meat in each one, but I digress - and she commented that they were "microscopic." Then she said, "Wait a minute. Do nerds use that word?" "Why do you ask?" "Because if they do then I don't want to say it." "Then no, they don't." Now, I have told Hannah many times that "nerds rule the world" and that there is nothing wrong with being smart because that can help a lot with getting what you want out of life - although it isn't everything - but she seems to insist on resisting anything she deems "nerdy." I hope she has a good experience in school this year and can find something cool about learning.

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